Trees and Concrete Cassette Tape

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Music Produced by ZEUS THE ELEVATED

Lyrics Written and Performed by DEAD HIPPIE

Mixed and Mastered by HOLLOW SOL

Presented by SIR SLACK

released April 28, 2023

1. Hoppin' Fences
2. Poison Berries
3. Knockin' At My Door
4. Oh Shit
5. Murky Waters
6. Run Up Finna Get me Sumn
7. Duval County
8. Kitchen Freestyle
9. Pigeon
10. Gr33n
11. Breakfast
12. Sleep
~Super Ferro Music Grade Tape (Normal Bias)
~Clear Cassette w/ Yellow Leader
~Clear Case
~Resealable Poly Bag

Side A ~ tracks 1-6

Side B ~ tracks 7-12

Limited to 50 units.